Our Partners

Why you should get involved!

Associate Partners are organizations of the advanced manufacturing community and community colleges who have made a commitment and identify a primary representative to participate in activities of the Center. Representatives of these organizations assist in the work of AMTEC goals and objectives by providing their expertise and time when needed as well as attend AMTEC sponsored professional development academies, workshops, etc. They have access to all of the public AMTEC resources. An Associate Partner who has a corresponding industry partner may be invited by the Principal Investigator to serve as Senior Partner as needed. To continue at the Partner level, organizations are asked to complete an Associate Partner MOU and participate in at least two AMTEC activities per year. Partners who meet the commitment guidelines of AMTEC may be eligible for reimbursement for AMTEC activities as well as other professional development activities approved by AMTEC Leadership and as outlined in the current grant.

Benefits for ALL Partners!

  1. Access to Industry Led Curriculum and Career Pathway Models
  2. 50% discount off assessment prices
  3. Discounts on module “seats” beginning at 50% and higher
  4. Peer learning through Professional Development Activities such as Academies and Workshops
  5. One free admission into a Academy Conference
  6. Opportunity to participate in the development of education materials and curriculum targeted at incumbent and future multi-skilled maintenance technicians
  7. Highlighted in AMTEC’s Viewbook and other various marketing activities

Benefits to Industry Partners

  1. Access to certified assessments to evaluate worker knowledge, develop individualized educational programs, and evaluate the success of the education programs.
  2. Learn about best practices in the industry.
  3. Develop or improve relationships with community colleges and their technical educational capabilities.

Benefits to College Partners

  1. Access to certified pre and post assessments resulting in nationally recognized credentials.
  2. Better understanding of current and future industry trends and workforce needs.
  3. Improve relationship with industry partners.