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Instructor Feedback Survey

Do you believe that content about "xyz" should be added to a module? Do you believe "xyz" content in a module isn't needed? Let us know what you think!

The Instructor Feedback Survey is your way of getting involved with what is taught in the curriculum!  This customizable survey allows you to choose what modules you would like to give feedback for. All feedback is greatly appreciated and is reviewed on a semi-annual basis.  We do ask you to give us your contact information so we can reach out to you if we need more information about your feedback. Your information will be kept private and will only be used if we need additional feedback.  Select the hyperlink above or at the end of this sentence to take the Instructor Feedback Survey!

Learning Management System

The following is a link to the website with our learning management system. This site can be used to access course materials and set up your online classes for your enrolled students.

Sample Curriculum

Here is a preview of the AMTEC Maintenance Mechatronics Curriculum as distributed at the AMTEC Academy held at Alamo Community College in San Antonio, Texas February 9-11, 2011.

Lab Equipment List

Download the comprehensive list of equipment and resources you will need to teach the labs in our courses!

Tip: For quick navigation, use the find function (Ctrl + F) on your computer and type in your course.

E-Learning Webinars

Watch a 5 minute video demonstrating how to review a module as a non-editing teacher on our learning management system.