workers learning to use a machine

Thank you for your interest. AMTEC has been on an incredible adventure since it began (see history ) in 2005 and strives to provide our partners with the most recent research, innovation, and tools to educate a globally competitive mechatronics technician for our industry partners.

AMTEC is a growing collaboration of community and technical colleges, universities, K-12, and industry partners who originally came together to better prepare highly skilled mechatronics technicians for work in the automobile manufacturing environment. Our roots in the advanced manufacturing automotive sector have provided a strong foundation from which new industry partners from other sectors have partnered with AMTEC from 2013-2016.

AMTEC began with a planning grant  whose purpose was to establish if colleges and companies across state lines would come together to benefit the development of the future automotive manufacturing workforce.  There was enough interest during that first year, that NSF awarded AMTEC a three-year project grant. Collaboration occurred in college-to-college, in college-to-industry, and in industry-to-industry.  AMTEC was granted a one-year extension in 2009 to complete its  objectives and on September 15, 2009 AMTEC became a “National Center for Excellence in Advanced Automotive Manufacturing” and continues through today.

AMTEC recognizes that the automotive and advanced manufacturing industries require uniquely trained employees to support:

  • Increasingly flexible and lean manufacturing;
  • Fluctuating customer demands;
  • A growing focus on green and sustainable manufacturing; and
  • Rapidly changing technology

In response to these industry demands, AMTEC now offers:

  • Industry-led maintenance certification assessments available through NOCTI Business Solutions;
  • Industry validated online competency based college curriculum aligned to nationally researched skills standards in 2016;
  • National analytics in an ongoing continuous improvement environment within AMTEC;
  • Industry-grade professional development for college instructional staff;
  • Shared best practices and educational models among colleges and industry partners;
  • Flexible career pathways instruction and dissemination to fit the unique needs of students, employees, and employers;
  • Consultative services

AMTEC partners look forward to the challenge of working together in preparing the high skilled globally competitive mechatronics workforce for today and the future.

If you would like more information about AMTEC, contact us.